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Last Post [10/22/06 @ 8:31 pm]

So, this'll be my last mod post. I hate to do this, but I can't just keep being as inactive as I am and claim that I'm still a moderator of this place. There are only four of us here, and only two of us are active. I am definitely not one of those two.

I went into IRC today to try and discuss this first, but nobody was around... And there really isn't anything to change my mind anyway. This is nothing personal. I like you guys a lot. I still want to talk in AIM and on LJ and so forth.

But first off, I'm just tired of IRC. It seemed convenient at the time, but it's never been my favorite chat program, and it's really distracting for me personally. Also, I still love Gravitation, but this RP specifically doesn't have any plot, and it's sorta finally taken it's toll on me. I have nothing to do with my characters except cause more drama and angst, and random crack fluff moments. Which I'll miss, but I've been moderating two other big communities lately, and I just prefer it busy like that. I've invited you to join them, but I know you're busy with what you already have.

I don't want anyone to take this personally. RP's just a hobby after all, and I just like to do my hobby a bit differently. A lot has changed for me recently. I rarely do private RP anymore at ALL. I think I just have somehow come to prefer multifandom for some reason. Don't ask why. I dunno.

So this is me pulling out as a mod AND a member, since I'm gonna only be using IRC from now on to download files on rare occasion.

I'm gonna be using this LJ in one of the multifandom Rps, too, so remember to de-friend it. As a result, Jess is the one and only mod of this place. What she does from here on is her own choice. I haven't been active in a long time, and y'all managed fine, so I'm sure you guys will still have fun.

Sorry about this.

OOC Post: Hiatus [8/17/06 @ 8:53 am]

[ mood | tired ]

I understand that I've hardly been around at all. Believe you me it isn't due to disinterest or lack of trying.

Work has been tough, which you probably know if I already have you added to my LJ, and on top of that I've been moving while also dealing with a personal family issue that just reached it's climax last night. I can't even begin to describe how close I am to losing it right now.

I'm about to go on a short trip to take a few days to just relax, but I plan on being back on the 21st, and after that I will attempt to be around more. RP. Post in Tohma's and Johan's journals. All that good stuff.

Thanks for being so patient.


[7/19/06 @ 6:00 pm]

[ mood | busy ]

alrighty, and guess who's going on ANOTHER hiatus?
me. till august 1st and i'll be out of state too. ;_;
i'll be sneaking on tomorrow and late friday evening, maybe saturday, but then i'll be off an running.

just throwing that lovely bit of news in there ♥


hiatus [7/9/06 @ 3:19 am]

ok, so i have an old friend flying in from out of state to stay with us till the 16th, so i won't be on for awhile. but i will infact return ♥ (and undoubtably need quite a bit of briefing.)

if there are any questions or anything, um, i'll check my email at SOME point, and i'll get back to you as soon as i can.


w00t. [7/19/06 @ 1:01 am]

If you haven't yet, please add femme_xx_fatale to your friends list.

add us! [6/3/06 @ 10:31 pm]

oi. if you have not yet done so, please add kure_ji_gaijin and ongaku_no_ai to your friends lists. arigatou!

[9/25/05 @ 9:19 am]

[ mood | irritated ]

Just a bit of a note;

If you are online, you are expected to at least come into the IRC chat room. You don't have to roleplay if you're busy or something, but just be around so it looks like you care about keeping your role. If you seem disinterested, then we will rightly assume that you are!

And also... I know we're oh so casual about updates, but please make an effort. Thank you.


Another New-Person-Type-Thing [9/7/05 @ 2:32 pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Hello one and all. ^^ Please remember to add male_perversion to your friends lists, seeing as Tatsuha needs friends. >_>;; .... ^^;


More People [9/4/05 @ 7:59 pm]

[ mood | sick ]

Well, we got off to an averagely nice start, but we're still lacking in members. A lot of the main character roles need to be filled for this RP to keep from becoming repetitive.

Please try to plug this RPG wherever you can, so long as it's not breaking the rules of where you're plugging it. Advertise it on your LJ and ask your friends to tell their friends. I've plugged this in multiple communities, but it hasn't done much.

Remember that shiny pictures attract people! I use the banner at the top of the community user-info when plugging.


Mr. Super White [8/31/05 @ 3:37 pm]

[ mood | o_o... *wave* ]

^_^ Hello, one and all. Sakano-san, reporting for duty. Oh, and please add mr_super_white to your friends. o_O And... uhm... good luck with me, Bad Luck. ^^;;;;;


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