Seguchi Tohma (touched_by_god) wrote in salientexigency,
Seguchi Tohma

Last Post

So, this'll be my last mod post. I hate to do this, but I can't just keep being as inactive as I am and claim that I'm still a moderator of this place. There are only four of us here, and only two of us are active. I am definitely not one of those two.

I went into IRC today to try and discuss this first, but nobody was around... And there really isn't anything to change my mind anyway. This is nothing personal. I like you guys a lot. I still want to talk in AIM and on LJ and so forth.

But first off, I'm just tired of IRC. It seemed convenient at the time, but it's never been my favorite chat program, and it's really distracting for me personally. Also, I still love Gravitation, but this RP specifically doesn't have any plot, and it's sorta finally taken it's toll on me. I have nothing to do with my characters except cause more drama and angst, and random crack fluff moments. Which I'll miss, but I've been moderating two other big communities lately, and I just prefer it busy like that. I've invited you to join them, but I know you're busy with what you already have.

I don't want anyone to take this personally. RP's just a hobby after all, and I just like to do my hobby a bit differently. A lot has changed for me recently. I rarely do private RP anymore at ALL. I think I just have somehow come to prefer multifandom for some reason. Don't ask why. I dunno.

So this is me pulling out as a mod AND a member, since I'm gonna only be using IRC from now on to download files on rare occasion.

I'm gonna be using this LJ in one of the multifandom Rps, too, so remember to de-friend it. As a result, Jess is the one and only mod of this place. What she does from here on is her own choice. I haven't been active in a long time, and y'all managed fine, so I'm sure you guys will still have fun.

Sorry about this.
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This is an innapropriate place to put such things. I would have appreciated an email regarding this. I'm not mad, I just figured it was coming... but this isnt really the forum for this discussion.

Reusing the journal isn't really appropriate, considering the posts in it were for this RPG and it is just as easy to make another journal.

I appreciate you letting me know about this, but I don't appreciate how you let me know.

If you manage to get Jao's Shuichi journal information, please email that to me. Thanks.
First off, I didn't email it to you because you aren't the only other person to let know about this. This is an OOC community, and along with mod announcements and hiatus notices, usually people post their goodbyes in OOC communities. At least in every other RP I've been in.

Second, it is MY character journal. I created it. I can reuse it as I please, since I have no interest in letting it just go to waste, and I don't feel like making another one. People often reuse character journals. I'm not obligated to give this to anyone.

I was also going to announce this in IRC first, but nobody was there when I went in, and I didn't feel like waiting.

And I talked to Jao and I remember now that it was changed when that other girl took over Shuichi, and I have no clue what she changed the password to. I am sorry about that. I completely forgot about that other player.